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Drive deeper customer engagement through an amplified consumer promotion or rebate

Our Amplifiers

Instant Win Promotions

These are fun “reveal” games where the player finds out in real time if they are a winner, as opposed to a draw-based sweepstakes. Instant Win prizes may be randomly or time-seeded throughout the promotion. Compelling entry driver for all customers as any game play could be a potential winner. The more game plays you receive, the better chance you have of being a winner!

Gift with Purchase

Increase sales, attract new customers, trial a new product, or boost brand awareness by offering consumers a gift with every product purchase. Work with our promotion and insurance experts to create unique offers, with digital gift cards and a simple digital claim process, all on a fixed budget.


Incent your customers to change behaviour or purchase products with rebates. Work with our team of experts to effectively and efficiently manage the rebate process to get rebates into the hands of your consumers quickly and cost effectively while collecting valuable data and insights.


Discover the power of our sweepstakes, granting your customers exciting opportunities to win incredible prizes, all while you gather invaluable zero- and first-party data. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship but navigating the intricate world of sweepstakes regulations can be daunting.

Satisfaction Guarantees

Stand behind the launch or relaunch of your product and its benefits by offering consumers a satisfaction, money back guarantee. Speak with our experts today to help you confidently stand behind your product guarantee on a fixed budget.

Fixed Fee Promotions

We simply promotions to help you amplify results. This includes offering fixed-fee promotion solutions, so you can design your brand promotion and operate within a fixed brand budget. Regardless of the number or prizes, coupons or rebates redeemed, your costs are fixed and won’t change. You can take that to the bank!

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