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Think BIG(GER)!

Amplify your brand promotion with a million-dollar prize or millions of smaller prizes using unique Insurance-backed promotion solutions designed to fuel excitement for a fraction of the cost you might think.

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Work with us to leverage your brand partnerships by creating unique campaigns that turn sports fans into brand advocates. If the team or player wins a championship, every registered consumer wins a prize or reward.. all on a fixed budget!

Contractual Bonus – if the team or player wins, the sponsor pays a large bonus, all on a fixed budget.

Conditional Rebate – if the team or player wins, the consumer also wins, all on a fixed budget.

Consumer Promotions

Impact the split-second decision a shopper makes with an attention-grabbing message. Influence purchase decisions with reward-driven messaging like “Satisfaction Guaranteed”, “Try me Free”, “Buy One, Get One”, “Enter to Win a $1,000,000”, or “Gift with Purchase” while managing a fixed budget back by insurance Large Prize Pool Promotions. 

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Experiential Events

Sponsoring or putting on an experiential, live event comes with great opportunity, but also comes with significant financial risks. With over 30 years of experience, our team of insurance experts who will help you protect your investment or amplify your results depending on your needs.

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