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Digital promotions planning can be a tough balancing act.
Planning for Promotions
What's in a Name?
Branding is about engaging consumers, and it all starts with a name ... A brand name is the first thing people encounter when they engage your company; it’s the ‘hello,' the opportunity to create a positive first impression. So that name needs Read more
In digital loyalty programs, finding the right rewards for your customers is important.
What Do Customers Really Value in a Loyalty Program?
I’ve been a member of the Red River Co-op gas loyalty program for over a decade, and I was excited to see my local Safeway grocery store converted to a Co-op a few years ago because this meant I’d earn Read more
Where should your rewards program fit into your marketing?
It’s an old adage, but it's true; it’s cheaper and more efficient to keep on selling to a current customer than it is to find and nurture new ones. Over the years, lots of different figures have been bandied about, Read more
IC Group Helps Twitter to 'Buck the Tread'
We're proud to announce our involvement in delivering the Twitter platform's arm of Nike's boundary-pushing ‘Breaking2’ - the audacious goal to enable a sub two-hour marathon time. There was a real emphasis on staying current with Breaking2 news, and watching Read more
Can a rewards program drive revenue and profit?
"If you could get us a profit this year then that'd be great..."
Despite the statistic that the loyalty management market is projected to grow from $1.68 billion in 2017 to $4.59 billion by 2021, you can bet that the age-old battle of the C-Levels will still remain. You know, the situation where Read more
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