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The True Value of a Loyal Customer

We talk a lot about customer loyalty here at IC Group; how to build it and how to keep it. Customer loyalty

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Getting Social with Dan Gingiss

Social media has continued to grow as a customer service platform, making it an essential aspect of the overall customer experience. We

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How to Lower Costs AND Lift Revenue in Loyalty Programs

If you’re running a loyalty program, you probably have two main financial objectives: lower program costs and drive more revenue. In many

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The Past, Present, and Future of Customer Experience with Blake Morgan

If you have questions about customer experience, tech, and all things business, Blake Morgan is the person to ask. So we did.

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How Customer Experience Can Shape Loyalty

Have you ever thought about how customer experience intersects with customer loyalty? What… it’s just me!? There are so many factors that

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How Brands Can Build a Passionate Consumer Base Like Sports Fans

Hey folks, welcome to ‘The Loyalty Point’ with Kelly and Anthony. What we thought we would do today is, in the spirit

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Why You Should be Leveraging Sweepstakes to Boost Customer Loyalty

Loyalty programs have never been perfect, and they may never be… but we think they could certainly be better. In many loyalty

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How Not to Engage Loyalty Members

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you might remember a little something I wrote about the Red River Co-Op program

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The 7 Easiest Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is an essential part of your company’s prosperity, as with the Pareto Principle, 80% of future revenue will come from

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The Lost Opportunities in Rebates

Rebates can offer instant benefits; with increases in short-term sales, inventory control, and product trial. They are so good at producing instant

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